What people are saying ...

I know that I had a limited amount of artists that I listened to as I’m sure applied to most of your audience if not all. You introduced artists to us/me that we would never have heard of and the concerts that you started and brought together.

You have brought so much (healing) music into our lives plus I love listening to your voice. The music, your voice is all so soothing and healing. #1 radio show in the world.

Denny Sherman

I’ve listened to many radio shows over the years where many stars are fortunate enough to have their records played regularly but here’s a show which really supports independent artists playing their music and promoting their social platforms at the same time.

ClassicalXOver4U concentrates on an incredible interaction between listeners stretching across the globe through the power of increasingly popular Classical Crossover.

Dave Ledward

A wonderful show and showcase for the CC community. Highlighting established and rising stars. Jannie has done so much for the CC community to help establish this fast-growing genre of music and to support the super talented artists that deserve a platform to promote their exceptional abilities.

Gary Bremner

Jannie has bought amazing moments to our life through the wonderful music of Classical Crossover especially the recent Charity Concert to support Calon FM. She is a fantastic Radio Presenter. Top marks and totally recommended. Congratulations.

Ghazala Jabeen

Jannie Rawlinson does an exceptional job every Sunday of highlighting the finest classical crossover music.

Natasha Barbieri

A show which really does support independent artists, wonderful interaction between listeners across the globe. Classical Crossover at it’s absolute best. Bringing the audience together in so many ways.

Nigel James Ford

Best radio show EVER!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Silje Lium